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1 Day Coorg Local Sightseeing Tour with Talacauvery
Starting @ Rs.2,299/- by Private Car (upto 4 Travelers)

1 Day Coorg Local Sightseeing Tour with Dubare Elephant Camp
Starting @ Rs.2,299/- by Private Car (upto 4 Travelers)

1 Day Bangalore to Mysore Tour by Cab
Starting @ Rs.5,199/- by Private Car (upto 4 Travelers)

Coorg Sports

People of Coorg are good sports persons. They are tall strong and athletic built. Coorg involve in various sports activities. Hockey is the most popular sports in Coorg, but Football is considered as the most favourite sports.

Nowadays Cricket is also becoming popular as more and more youth is interested in Cricket. There are so many sports clubs and teams in Coorg. Mainly played sports in Coorg are Hockey, Soccer, Table Tennis, Cricket and Badminton. Also there are so many records in the field of Athletics.

1. Hockey

Hockey is the traditional game of Coorgs. There are family hockey tournaments of Coorgs which are held in Virajpet in which almost all the family in Coorg participate. Teams are formed within the family and sometimes even women included in the team. Few Coorgs play for Indian team as well as Air India, Indian Airways and various other clubs.

2. Football

Football is the most favorite sports in Coorg. People in Coorg enjoy playing Football. There are so many clubs in Coorg which held Football matches every year. The football matches held in Mercara and Suntikoppa is very popular. Mercara has the biggest Football and Hockey ground in Coorg.

3. Cricket

Nowadays like Hockey and Football, Cricket is also becoming popular among youngsters. More and more youth is playing Cricket and also the number of clubs also increasing. There are monthly cricket matches in various parts of Coorg. Huge cash price and trophies are given to the winners.

Adventure Sports in Coorg
4. Dirt Track Rally - Mahindra Great Escape

This is the favorite sports of adventure lovers. As name suggests this is a daring drive through the dangerous terrain of the district. This is for testing the efficiency of the driver and endurance of the vehicle.

The Drivers have to go through the slippery roads, negotiating heights and passing through rivulets. The rally is so famous that participants come from different parts of the country. Participants from Goa, Mumbai and Karnataka drive through the designated route before regrouping at the resort. A few locals also participate in this extreme adventure sport.

The Route covers the interior of Coorg such as Makkandur, Kandanakolli, Hattihole, Madapur, Hammiyala, Garwale, Surlabbi, Mutlu, Devastur, Kalur and Hebbettageri.

During the rally season, moderate to heavy downpours greets the participants all along the dirt track. There are so many viewers for this adventure journey. People of Coorg come out of their homes to watch as the participants drove through their villages.

Top Tourism Places to visit in Coorg