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1 Day Coorg Local Sightseeing Tour with Talacauvery
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1 Day Coorg Local Sightseeing Tour with Dubare Elephant Camp
Starting @ Rs.2,299/- by Private Car (upto 4 Travelers)

1 Day Bangalore to Mysore Tour by Cab
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Coorg Cuisine

Coorgs are well known for their love of good food and liquor. The liquor is known as Kudi and good food is called as Kadi. At all of the Coorg festivals and weddings, the Coorg people can be seen enjoying Kudi and Kadi as they indulge themselves in song and dance.

The Cuisine of Coorg is influenced by the history, geography and culture of the people. Boiled rice and rice gruel are the staple food of the Coorgs. As rice grows abundantly in the valleys of Coorg.

The Coorgs use rice in several of their native dishes and prepare them in many different ways. The rice chapatti/ akki roti a unique dish is a delicious crispy bread. With this you can have spicy pickle made up of tender bamboo shoots, Mudrakani-bengal gram chutney and Maange Pajji-chutney of raw mangoes with spices in curd.

Pork, chicken, crabs and river fish are the commonly consumed non vegetarian items. Beef is prohibited here. A wide variety of steam cooked dish called Puttu is very famous here. Different types of Puttu comes in different shapes. Some of the popular puttu in Coorg include Kadambuttu, Thaliya puttu, Paa Puttu, Noo Puttu, Nuchu Puttu, Thambuttu etc.

Sweet dishes like Achi Payasa are prepared during festivals. A Coorg wedding is not complete without Kadambuttu & Pandi Kari ( Rice Dumplings & Pork Curry ), Noolputtu & Koli Kari ( Rice Noodles & Chicken Curry ). Non Vegetarian curries in Coorg is flavoured with locally grown cardamom, pepper, herbs and condiments.

Apart from all these Coconut, jackfruit, plantain, mango and other fruits and vegetables were also widely used. Ghee is used in festival occasions or in rich families. There is also a wide variety of Pulavs. All the dishes of Coorgs are delicious and healthy.

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