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Madurai to Coorg Tour Packages, Coorg Package from Madurai with Price & Itinerary

Coorg, a perfect place of holidaying welcomes its tourists to best of climate and sightseeing options. The district in Karnataka state, located in the Western Ghats of the Sahyadri Mountains in South Western side of the state, is well connected to the rest of the country and the world. Experience Coorg with customised Madurai to Coorg tour packages from Holidays DNA.

Although there are no railway station and airport in Coorg, it enjoys proximity to various cities and towns which in turn connects it to Madurai. Mysore junction and Mangalore Junction are the nearest railway stations to Coorg.

The Coorg Madurai by road distance is approximately 500 kilometres. Coorg is situated west side to Madurai. Both the places are quite popular amongst tourists promising them of wonderful time. All our Coorg tour packages can be customised with pickup right from Madurai, you also have option to choose from wide variety of tour packages we offer like Coorg family package, Coorg honeymoon or adventure package, etc..

Once at Coorg, you will have umpteen numbers of options to keep yourself engaged. From waterfalls to rocks to viewpoints to lush dense forests to wildlife sanctuaries to museums to forts to national park to temples to dargahs, Coorg has more than just option for its tourists.

How to reach Coorg from Madurai

To reach Coorg from Madurai, one can travel either via rail or by road.

Reach Coorg by Air from Madurai:

There is no airport at Coorg, Mangalore airport is the nearest domestic airport and the Bangalore and Chennai are the nearest international airports to Coorg.

Reach Coorg by Rail from Madurai:

Coorg doesn’t have any railway station and thus tourists are required to reach the nearest railway junction and travel to Coorg by road. From Madurai, the nearest railway station is Mysore junction. From Mysore, you can either take a bus or hire a taxi till the destination. There are direct rail services from Madurai to Mysore. Mysore Express runs regularly between the two railways station.

Reach Coorg by Road from Madurai:

One can also travel via road from Madurai to Coorg. If you are taking the route via Mysore-Madikeri Road which is 504 km long, it will take you slightly more than 9 hours to reach Coorg. You will also reach Coorg in close to 9 hours if you take the route through NH 7 which is 525 km. From NH 209 which is of 491 km of length, you will reach Coorg in approximately 9 hours and 20 minutes.

Top Tourism Places to visit in Coorg